Monday, January 26, 2015

november 2014

 ^ on halloween we got a  surprise visit from grandma and her bestie! 
grandma then proceeded to do what grandma's do best and spoil the crap out of my kid. 
she was in heaven in the disney store, but honestly who isn't?!
 ^ these two have the best time together, 
he's such a good dad and it's so fun watching their relationship grow as she gets bigger. 
she's such a daddies girl and i'm so thankful for their relationship and the love they bring into my life!
 ^ dinner at cafe rio for the big 3-0! sooooo good!
 ^ checking out toads on our family walk...
 ^ i'm gonna be honest...she's not the best helper when it comes to putting ikea furniture together...
we bought her this toddler bed and has she slept in it yet?
nope, she thinks it's one big toy to read books in! 
^ and of course, thanksgiving! 
as usual, we had too much food, ate too much food...
then ate some more food.....
and then ate again....

Saturday, January 17, 2015

halloween 2014

halloween was so fun this year with little miss!
instead of actually trick or treating, we went to a halloween party and trunk or treat at our church.
(maybe next year we'll try the real thing)
milly couldn't get enough of the cupcake walk....
meaning she just skipped the whole walking in a circle thing 
after her first round and went right for the cart of cupcakes.....
who can blame her? there were two carts FULL of cupcakes!
^ joey and i went as zombies....some may say we just look like parents, ha!
^ this is her "don't judge me" face after she just started taking cupcakes...
^ enjoying her stolen goods...
^ trunk or treating....
^ inventory

she was the cutest little bumble bee i have ever seen!

Friday, January 9, 2015

three years at the pumpkin patch....

pumpkin patch

back in october we took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch with our good friends the livingstons.
 i love autumn and fall and pumpkin everything and being able to have all these memories with little miss before her little sister is born, is something i'll cherish forever. 
we had lots of fun eating pumpkin spice donuts, checking out some goats, and running through the edge of the corn maze (milly has no idea we didn't actually go through the corn maze) and exploring the pumpkin patch. 
we had so much fun, someone had to hug the pumpkins goodbye ;)

Thursday, January 8, 2015


i totally forgot to mention in my last post that we ended august celebrating joey's dirty thirty!
woohoo for being 30!!!
in september we took advantage of the last couple days 
of nice weather at the beach with friends....the ducks.
through september and october we explored some playgrounds, hung out with friends,
went to a huskies game, went to another sounders game, 
celebrated birthdays and milly had her 18 month checkup....
 we also played in the puddles, jumped on trampolines, picked out pumpkins,
picked out her halloween costume and tested it out with her rain boots.
she also received two packages in october, so i'm pretty sure she thinks 
christmas starts in october....

stay tuned for our trip to the pumpkin patch and our holiday adventures!
i know i've said this before, but the holidays are so much better with a little one!

Monday, January 5, 2015


this summer we enjoyed lots of cold treats and spent tons of time in our swimsuits.
we watched as much of the world cup as possible and took advantage
of the warmer weather while we had it....
....that is until i found out i was pregnant and couldn't wait for cooler weather!
towards the end of june we found out we'd be welcoming another little one in february
and we couldn't be more excited. i look back at some of these pics
and remember exactly how sick i felt during that first trimester....
we tried to keep the pregnancy a secret till i was finished with my first trimester (12 weeks)
but at 8 weeks my belly had a mind of it's own and 
thanks to a facebook picture posted by joey, 
the whole internet knew our secret.
in true pnw fashion, 
one day we'd be in swimsuits and the next day we'd be in hoodies and rain gear. 
we finished off the summer with trips to the zoo, more frozen treats, 
and of course, a sounders game.

as you may have noticed, it's 2015 and i'm posting about last summer. i'm almost in my last month of pregnancy and the nesting bug is super strong. i have this desire to throw everything {everything} away. i want our apartment clutter free for this baby and with that comes the desire to post about what our little family of three was up to before her arrival. hopefully i'll be all up to date by february and we'll still have some possessions that didn't make it to the trash! :)