Thursday, October 8, 2015

hello again

holy buckets! i never meant to be so quiet in the blogging world for the last seven months. 
quite a lot has changed in our life and i feel like i'm still adjusting! 
here's a glimpse of what we've been up to... let's take a look!
 ^ as you may recall, we had a baby! 
she kinda looked like a grumpy old man and my older brother, cameron mixed together. 
i can't get over how much bigger she is!
the photo on the left is her first smirk/smile caught on camera. <heart eyes>
 ^ penny's blessing day
 ^ this girl turned two way back in march.
she is an amazing big sister! loves to give kisses, hates to share, you know, all the normal things!
she has grown so much in the last couple months; she talks so much more and actually has conversations, i love it. she's amazing!
 ^ it's been so fun getting to know this girl and watching her grow. 
time is cruel and she's already so big, seven and a half months!
 ^ love, love, love
 ^ easter egg hunt on the beach and the tulip festival
 ^ her first movie and yes, that's a real snake... she kinda loves them!
^ penny had to kinda grow into her giant eyes so for a long time she always looked shocked! 
i think this picture is sooo funny because she looks like such a creeper, ha!
^ see what i mean with those big baby blues!?
^ family hike
^ milly asked to have her picture taken on this stump! i love it.
of course she found a bug and had to investigate!
 ^ love these people!
 ^ this was at redmond derby days, waiting and watching the parade.
check out that girls thighs!!! <more heart eyes>
 ^ milly riding, not only her first carnival ride, but her first carnival ride all by herself!
 ^ milly and i went on a date to the olive garden. 
it was so much fun getting to spend some one on one time with her. love that girl!
 ^ picking blueberries, or if you're milly you eat first, pay later...
 ^ my first race after having penny: sounders 9k
^ penny turned six months and with that she started solids. 
so far she's had bananas, apples, carrots, avocado, pears, green beans, probably something else i'm missing. 
she likes bananas and avocados the best.
 ^ when penny turned six months we did the traditional zoo visit. 
she had so much fun and slept most the time....
 ^ about a month and a half ago, we became real adults and bought a house.
we feel so very blessed to be making this our permanent home! no more apartments! 
 ^ joey helps the kickers on the redmond football team. 
he's kinda a big deal... at least to me! xo
 ^ this was a really big deal! 
someone started soccer and i think her dad had all the feels watching his little girl play soccer for the first time. 
we're using the term 'playing soccer' really loosely as they mostly play games and learn to listen to direction but it's a start!
 ^ another big deal! milly traded her pacifier for a toy and hasn't looked back once. 
one night she chewed through her pacifier and called me in her room to get her a new one so i asked her if she'd rather get a new toy in the morning or have a pacifier and she chose the toy. 
she hasn't asked for one since and when i can't quite understand her and ask if she's asking for one, she'll say "no mom, i got a toy!"
she doesn't even try to steal her sisters, which i thought would be an issue!
she's a champ....
 ...or rainbow dash depending on her mood!
^ adventures downtown with my girls. 
we rode the monorail to seattle center only to realize the space needle is really high so someone decided they couldn't go up... maybe when aunt jenn is here!

Other highlights as of late:
penny has her first tooth and still wakes up every two to three hours at night...
milly is potty trained, we aren't perfect but sometimes it's hard to get your leggings off!
we also had to have a talk that only stella goes outside to potty...
lastly, we took a road trip to montana for the fourth! it was our first long road trip with the girls!
we did so much and had so much fun, i want our trip to have it's own post!

Monday, April 6, 2015

penelope paige

penelope paige mack
born february 12, 2015 at 2:20 am
weighing 8 pounds 5 ounces

*she must be superstitious and didn't want to be born on friday the 13th, as planned.
she came in the wee hours of the 12th and we are truly smitten, blessed, and grateful.

up to date

so i'm finally getting around to finishing up our 2014 and the start of 2015 on the blog.
i wanted to have all this updated before penny was born but she had plans of her own and
the day i was gonna catch up, she decided to be born. 
anyways, enjoy the pictures below....
 in december milly and i went to our ward christmas party and it's official, she does not trust santa.
her and i also had a long girls weekend when joey left town for work. 
she missed him so much she kissed the screen while we were face timing and it was the cutest thing. 
you can see our christmas break and activities in the previous posts, if your interested.
in january and the beginning of february we tried to pack in a lot of one on one time with milly before penny was born. after all it was her last couple of weeks as an only child. 
we went to chuck-e-cheese, which is something i never thought i'd do :)
i took her to paint pottery, which lasted all of 30 seconds.
joey took her to the zoo and downtown seattle. 
as my due date got closer and closer it became pretty hard/painful to walk for very long so milly and her dad were able to get a lot of good, daddy/daughter dates in. 

Friday, February 6, 2015


same santa, same expression...

christmas break

 ^ christmas eve, we finally got around to getting santa pictures taken...
who know's what i'm d doing in the picture above....
 ^ christmas!!! 
 ^ my parents flew in christmas night and spent the week with us, while my brother had a couple days off and came for the weekend. we took advantage of having family in town, went to the aquarium, and of course, ate some really, really good food. it was so nice having family here!
 ^ she was getting hungry...
 ^ when grandpa's a dentist, he's gonna check your teeth when he comes...
 ^ meeting uncle magoo for the first time...
she needed a little time to warm up to him.
 ^ we took advantage of grandma and grandpa's hotel swimming pool...
^ milly still seems a little unsure.

this was an awesome christmas and new years. 
it's crazy to think, next year we'll have another little one, can't wait!