Friday, October 18, 2013

aunt katrina came to town!

originally joey was supposed to go to chicago on business so we begged aunt katrina to come and have a girls weekend with us. in the end, joey didn't have to go anywhere and i still got my girls weekend. so really, it was a win win either way you look at it, especially for me!
we took plenty of walks while katrina was here, someone has to walk the dog....
(even though she's not represented in either one of the above pictures)
 ^ went through the market (milly's first time) and ate lunch at la panier (tasty french bakery) 
^ katrina bought some famous salted carmel chocolates and milly made a new friend all while taking a nap! 
she's such a multitasker!
^ we tried a cro-dough, which is seattle's version of a cronut, which is a donut and croissant mixed. this one was banana flavored and it was awesome! we bought two but ended up splitting one because they were so sweet and rich! after the cronut we headed to the chihuly glass and garden museum.
 ^ amazing!!!
 ^ taking selfies....
 ^ a free photo from the museum, thanks chihuly 
(but seriously you weren't on the cheap side so this photo better be free)
but even more serious, this room where this photo was taken, was amazing. how awesome would it be to have a big party there or get married. someone needs to have their wedding here and invite me, k? thanks!
^ we went to a lavender farm where we probably could have spent 30 seconds but since we drove all the way out there we turned it into about 5 minutes....(it was like a 7 minute drive...)
^ can you say PEDICURES!!!! my first since having milly. 
big, BIG, thanks to joey for watching little miss while we had a girls night!
^ katrina and i went out to dinner after our pedicures...
as you can see she's very, very excited about her dessert! but honestly, who wouldn't be?
 ^ and then, milly was getting tired so she decided to chilax on the couch in all her polka dot glory
it was such a fun week, that flew by way, way too fast! why does time always fly by so fast. speaking of time flying by, milly is 7 months old today, 7 months! we miss you so much katrina, i wish so bad we lived closer...someday, someday. until that day, thank goodness for airplanes! love you lots! lastly i just want to say a big thank you to katrina for flying out here and spending time with us. she helped me update my wardrobe (which was desperately needed) and introduced me to bright colored lipsticks! why have i never worn bright pink lipstick before? it's so much fun and makes you feel so fancy! what would i do without you?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

lets play catch up...

a month? really a month has gone by? well for starters, milly has been introduced to solids...
we started her off with banana, which she actually likes, not that you can tell from these still frames. so far, besides banana, she's had sweet potatoes, green beans, apple, and prunes. she seems to like them all except for sweet potato. i'll even give her a bunch of banana first and then swoop in with some sweet potato. she'll end up taking a big ol' bite and then gagging it back up once she realizes it's not her beloved banana. it's got to be the weirdest thing, going from tasteless milk to all the sudden something with flavor and texture. it's been a lot of fun trying new things, next up: MANGO! 

a lot of milestones for milly this month, besides starting solids, her first two teeth have finally cut through! remember this post? well all her pain and hard work have paid off and she has two little teeth showing through. i would try to get a picture but every time we try to take one, she sticks her tongue out and tries to lick our fingers. you'll just have to look for them in pictures we take where she's smiling, it can be a fun game, like where's waldo!

lastly, milly has become mobile! she's not quite crawling but she has figured out how to get around by log rolling all over the house and scooting backwards. she can also rotate but the whole crawling forward on her hands and knees? she still working on it. she gets her knees halfway up and then starts rocking back and forth. you can see it in her little face, she's trying to figure out how to go forward. she's such an awesome little girl! we love you little miss milly lou! 

below are some pics from the past month for you to enjoy! 
 ^ exploring....
^ various trips to target...
^ my current favorite picture...