Saturday, June 14, 2014

aunt jenn came to town!

not only did aunt jenn come for memorial day weekend but it was right after she graduated college! yea for aunt jenn!!! you did it! for graduation, she received a fancy new camera so prepare yourself for picture overload! we {she} took a lot of photos trying to figure out how to work the many buttons!
^ i can't get over how much milly looks like a little lady here, where did my baby go?
^ seattle children's museum 
^ the children's museum is fun for all ages, even you can see here by the look on joey's face...
^ this girl loves water! our little water baby!
^ joey was so excited to get a caricature with milly! 
you can't tell by this picture, but i promise, it's something he's always wanted to do with her ;)
^ jenn was supposed to be in this picture so i'm not sure why she looks like she's sneaking in unannounced....
^ just fyi, we're super careful when riding down slides with milly. we always hold her legs close together so they don't catch on the sides and snap in half. 
also, this slide was probably more fun for the adults than it was for milly....
^ water baby, what'd i say?
^ this is the look of a girl that really, really enjoyed her after dinner cupcake... :)
^ kicking around a soccer ball with dad and aunt jenn while she holds her american flag on memorial day. it was such a good weekend! many thanks to all the men and women who have and still serve.
thanks for coming aunt jenn, you are always welcome!

Monday, June 9, 2014

hello june, lets play catchup!

it's june! here in the mack house we are so excited for warmer days and shorter nights! milly and i are on a mission this summer to find the best splash pad in or around the city, wish us luck! 
 ^ photos of us feeding the ducks, visiting the beach, milly's "checking emails" (the computer was turned off), milly also checking on baking progress in the kitchen and practicing good oral hygiene!
 ^ i bought milly this shopping cart last month and it is by far her favorite toy, she loves pushing it around the house much to stella's dismay. when i put her in her car seat shortly after this picture was taken she started screaming and wouldn't stop until i put the mini cart next to her so she could hold on to the handle. you'll also notice a jamba juice in there.... her and i can't seem to get enough jamba juice ;)
^ this family loves sweets, especially when it's warm outside and our sweets are cold and you get to have full control of how many toppings you put on your fro-yo! despite what the picture might portray, milly loves ice cream/frozen yogurt. it just takes her a couple bites to get use to the cold. this family also loves a good wood fire pizza on a saturday morning. the redmond farmer's market is in full swing every saturday till october, rain or shine. we love going, listening to local musicians and enjoying a pie!
saturdays are pretty awesome around here!

so here's to summer! i still have a lot to catch up on: jenn's visit, going to montana, milly and i's daily adventures.... so look forward to some new posts very soon! happy june everybody!