Thursday, January 8, 2015


i totally forgot to mention in my last post that we ended august celebrating joey's dirty thirty!
woohoo for being 30!!!
in september we took advantage of the last couple days 
of nice weather at the beach with friends....the ducks.
through september and october we explored some playgrounds, hung out with friends,
went to a huskies game, went to another sounders game, 
celebrated birthdays and milly had her 18 month checkup....
 we also played in the puddles, jumped on trampolines, picked out pumpkins,
picked out her halloween costume and tested it out with her rain boots.
she also received two packages in october, so i'm pretty sure she thinks 
christmas starts in october....

stay tuned for our trip to the pumpkin patch and our holiday adventures!
i know i've said this before, but the holidays are so much better with a little one!

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  1. yeah, I am so glad to see you posting again. And to see adorable pictures of Milly.