Monday, January 5, 2015


this summer we enjoyed lots of cold treats and spent tons of time in our swimsuits.
we watched as much of the world cup as possible and took advantage
of the warmer weather while we had it....
....that is until i found out i was pregnant and couldn't wait for cooler weather!
towards the end of june we found out we'd be welcoming another little one in february
and we couldn't be more excited. i look back at some of these pics
and remember exactly how sick i felt during that first trimester....
we tried to keep the pregnancy a secret till i was finished with my first trimester (12 weeks)
but at 8 weeks my belly had a mind of it's own and 
thanks to a facebook picture posted by joey, 
the whole internet knew our secret.
in true pnw fashion, 
one day we'd be in swimsuits and the next day we'd be in hoodies and rain gear. 
we finished off the summer with trips to the zoo, more frozen treats, 
and of course, a sounders game.

as you may have noticed, it's 2015 and i'm posting about last summer. i'm almost in my last month of pregnancy and the nesting bug is super strong. i have this desire to throw everything {everything} away. i want our apartment clutter free for this baby and with that comes the desire to post about what our little family of three was up to before her arrival. hopefully i'll be all up to date by february and we'll still have some possessions that didn't make it to the trash! :)

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  1. Yea, love the update. The Georgia gang is excited to see all the fun family pictures.