Wednesday, April 30, 2014

21 days without sugar!

after easter and after all our family had left, when we had our place back to ourselves i wanted to do a 21 day sugar cleanse and joey was totally on board. him being the competitive one, he thought there should be some sort of prize if we could actually make it 21 days and we added running to the challenge. we're using the word 'cleanse' very loosely here! we haven't cut out all sugar, we still eat fruits and have lemonade on occasion but we have cut out the obvious sweets and processed sugar. we were letting way too much sugar in the door and i hated that i wasn't being as strict with myself with what i indulged in. we would get the worst cravings after dinner and just eat whatever was in the house, make brownies, have ice cream splits and sundaes. it was getting pretty bad! se we decided to cut out all the candy and cookies, ice cream and chocolate. today we are on day eight and i'm still having cravings! i'm proud that i've been able to say no for the past eight days, which i know isn't a very long and i'm hoping this 'cleanse' will help me stay focused about eating healthy. we're both hoping to be a little choosier about the sweets we do have, to indulge only when it's really worth it and not because a twix or snickers sounds really good at the moment and is laying around the house. ;)

the official 'rules' of the cleanse are as follow: no sweets (candy, baked good, ice cream, soda, donuts, etc.) and we each have to run a total of 14 miles that we've split up over the 21 days. if one of us doesn't run their miles the other person will get a cash prize to spend as selfishly as they want. if we both succeed and don't eat sugar and run our miles, we'll treat ourselves out to dinner, somewhere chipotle, haha!

*the picture above is from milly's brithday...i thought it appropriate for this post :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

falling in the tulips....

remember what i said in my last post? about not wearing toms to muddy tulip fields? well this is why....
^ oh this is a cute picture....wait, what's that in the background?
^ just me trying desperately not to fall....but maybe i'm just doing the dougie....
these pictures were sent in a group text to the family and my MIL's text back was 
something along the lines of "who's the nut in the background?"
i couldn't stop laughing...but seriously, don't wear toms to see the tulips!

photo's were taken without permission from justin.... ;)

Monday, April 28, 2014


while justin and his girlfriend hailey were here, we headed up north to see the tulips. this was our first time and we've lived here for five years! it was so worth it, we always heard the lines were crazy and you'll end up waiting in your car for hours for a parking spot but that wasn't the case for us. we went on a drizzly day and planned our driving time around nap time so it worked out perfect! we didn't have to wait in any lines or fight any crowds. can't wait to go again next year!

 ^ they have the exact same expression in this it!
 ^ milly loved the tulips! plus, check out that molar saying hi in the back!
 ^ here's some advice, don't wear your glittery toms to the muddy tulip festival...bad choice. 
justin and hailey were taking a photo and in the background you
can see me flailing about trying not to slip and fall.....i should try to find that photo....

Friday, April 25, 2014

water baby

awhile back, we had some really warm weather, like crazy warm weather. so when we went on our early evening family walk through the town center, we (i) decided milly should experience her first fountian/splashpad....

^ here she is, being cautious, checking it out...
^... and then "oh hey, a friend"
^ and then she was kinda like "puhhh-leeeease"
 (i can't get over that face!!!)
^ "let me show you how to do this!"
 ^ and then she got crazy into it. 
the water was a bit cold and i made sure we had extra blankets and jackets before i let her go totally crazy so she wouldn't freeze on the way home. 
i would say this little girls a water baby and it makes me so excited for hot summer days!

the last of our family left tuesday and i have sooo so many pictures from their visit and the holiday weekend. 
so look forward to more posts in the next couple days, including our trip to the tulip fields and how we spent our easter weekend with family!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

i know, i know...

...i haven't been the best at updating the blog recently and i apologize to all two of you?! haha! ;) i can't really say it's because "life's gotten so busy" or "i have so much on my plate right now" but i can say it's partly due to laziness but mostly due to nothings going on.... the days are just barely starting to get warm and i'm loving the fact that the sun stays up past five. we don't have a lot planned for this summer but we do want to get a camping trip in there somewhere (we say that every year and have yet to go) as well as a trip on the oregon coast. thanks to my very good friend ashley posting her adventures this week on facebook and instagram, oregon looks too good to pass up and i don't think i've ever been, so might as well make a trip out of it... plus i really want to see milly on a beach, playing/eating the sand with her chunky little thighs and probably the cutest bathing suit and sun hat i can find for her! in the meantime we have company for the next week and a half, so i'll be sure to have lots of things to post in the near future. justin and his girlfriend are visiting from idaho and my family will be here for easter! exciting stuff, i think we're actually gonna head out and go eat some yummy food while being tourists in our own town! ie: get some paseos and pictures by the troll! gotta love seattle! below are some pictures from our life lately; something to hold you over till next time!
 ^ momma/daughter selfies!!!
^ on the left: she does this when she eats...don't have any idea what she's doing.
right: on a walk with dad, putting flowers in her hair.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

hellllloooooooooo april

hello april, so far you've been great! nice and sunny, lets try to keep it that way, can we? please? but seriously.....please?! i think i'm ready for summer and warmer weather and longer days that turn into nights. i'm over the rain and i know i probably shouldn't complain, i should just get over it considering where i choose to live. i usually don't mind the rain and "hot chocolate" weather (as i like to call it) but i'm extra excited for warmer weather. i want to be able to let milly explore the world around her without her getting completely soaked in the process. unless of course it's due to a splash pad or pool and we're in bathing suits....then by all means, dive right in! anyways....the picture below has absolutely nothing to do with this post, i just really like it.
^ this cuddle session lasted all of 30 seconds..... i'll take what i can get.

so it's april, we're already in month four of this year. i still can't believe it's april of 2014 and i have a one year old! life is good. this year: so far, so good. i'm doing ok with my personal goals for the year. i am way ahead on my reading goal and have averaged about two and half to three books a month. that's almost double my original goal. having a library due date really gets ya reading. you can't have late library books, that's 10 cents a day! 10 cents people! i will admit, i owe the library 30 cent's soooo...there's that, it's good to get that off my chest, phew! as far as my other goals, weeeeeeellllll. i'm having a hard time being 'good' about eating. i just finished a bowl of warm brownie with caramel sauce and ice cream, and it's not the first time that's happened this week. i really need to get back on track. i've hit a plateau in my weight loss and it's been a little discouraging. they aren't kidding when they say the last ten pounds are the hardest to loose. i'm thinking of taking up kick boxing or something. i need to switch it up because i'm at a stand still with running. crazy as it is, and i never thought i'd say this, but i think the ole bod is use to running and needs a change to kick back in gear. also, i need to stop eating warm brownies with ice cream..... that might help :)  and that brings us to my last goal: learning to crotchet. i've decided to put that on hold, at least until this summer. i just don't have the time or energy right now to learn something new and put the effort into it that it deserves as well as make me happy. 

in other news: i've recently been asked to help with a theatre production the youth of our church perform in the area and it's taking up most my spare time/nights. it's gonna be so good, the talent these kids have is unreal. i haven't really done anything with theatre since my freshman year of college unless you count being a spectator. i've been asked to be the assistant back stage manager and although it's taking up a lot of my time, it's well worth it and i love it. it's also a fun complement when people aren't sure if you're an adult or youth ;) i've had some kids ask to see my ID because they didn't believe me when i said i was 29 and had a one year old. (lets be honest, i still have a hard time believing the one year old part too....)

lastly, i've been working on a series of posters that i'm hoping to sell on etsy. i'd like to have a 'shop' opened in the next month with a handful of posters i've created and see where that goes. i'd love to just design posters for the rest of my life, so we'll see! i'm pretty excited about it and will share more when the time comes. 

so yea, lets see what april has in store.
 in the mean time, here's some pictures of the one person i give most my time too. 
life is goooooooood!
^ sharing a dilly bar with dad.....
^can't get over those legs!
^ exploring...
^ more exploring, with dad.... love her to pieces!!!