Monday, January 26, 2015

november 2014

 ^ on halloween we got a  surprise visit from grandma and her bestie! 
grandma then proceeded to do what grandma's do best and spoil the crap out of my kid. 
she was in heaven in the disney store, but honestly who isn't?!
 ^ these two have the best time together, 
he's such a good dad and it's so fun watching their relationship grow as she gets bigger. 
she's such a daddies girl and i'm so thankful for their relationship and the love they bring into my life!
 ^ dinner at cafe rio for the big 3-0! sooooo good!
 ^ checking out toads on our family walk...
 ^ i'm gonna be honest...she's not the best helper when it comes to putting ikea furniture together...
we bought her this toddler bed and has she slept in it yet?
nope, she thinks it's one big toy to read books in! 
^ and of course, thanksgiving! 
as usual, we had too much food, ate too much food...
then ate some more food.....
and then ate again....

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