Tuesday, March 25, 2014

...and then there was a thump

yesterday wasn't one of the best days here at the mack house... 
before we knew it milly had grown taller than we'd realized and i found out the hard way yesterday when she was supposed to be taking a nap.... let me explain. she was fussy when i put her down for her second nap, which isn't unusual, she usually just fusses or talks herself to sleep, no big deal. well yesterday went a little different: i heard her fussing and then a huge thump and then about 2 seconds later....screaming. ran to her room and sure enough she was balled up on the floor. i've had to stop myself from thinking about all the "what if's" and just be ever so thankful that she didn't really hurt herself. we thought we were doing pretty good and enjoyed some sunshine and grass for a little while before dinner but bath time proved to be tough too. the good can only last for soo long. bath time came a little early since she never did get that second nap. it was like slow motion - she stood up and slowly slipped to the side bumping her head on the edge of the tub on her way down. as fast as i could i grabbed her out of the bath, gave her some loves and decided it was time for bed. once again we were lucky and she made it out with just a bump on her head that was gone by morning. poor girl, i'm hoping she got all her falls and bumps out of the way yesterday, at least for a little bit....

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

milly's day by the hour...

on milly's birthday i took a picture every hour so we could look back at her big day and remember exactly what we were doing, where and when. although some of the pictures are only of her naps and car rides, i'm so glad i remembered to do this for her. it will be fun to put in her remembrance book and look back one day with her.  
 ^ she woke up and we had birthday crepes filled with strawberries, blueberries, and of course, whip cream. 
we got ready for the day and hung out till nap time...
 ^ took a good first nap and woke up happy, as always....(like i said, some of the photos might not be too exciting for people but since i'm her mom, every picture is the most magical thing that could ever happnen, ever!)
 ^ on our way to the zoo, stuck on the bridge. 
eating lunch and then off to explore... 
 ^ milly looking at the orangutans, playing with her pink penguin she picked out at the gift shop 
and nap number two for the day....
 ^ waking up from nap number two as people started arriving, playing with balloons that aunt katrina and uncle bear had delivered (which were her favorite gift of the night) and taking her "smash" cake very seriously....
^ lastly, bath time for the big girl and one last picture before she was off to bed. 

it was a good, good, day
love you, little one!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

happy birthday milly!


you turned one today! i can't believe how fast this last year has gone by! i've loved every minute of it, even the exhausting ones ;) i feel so blessed to be able to call you mine, what a joy you are in my life. i don't remember what life was like before you. you are my perfect little girl, such a big personality in that little body of yours. i love your cheesy little smiles and watching you as you figure stuff out for yourself, learning every day. i can't believe how big you've gotten in the last year, if time could slow down, even just a little bit, i would really appreciate it. i can't get enough of you and as i type this i'm getting so excited to wake up in the morning and hang out with you. thanks for being my little buddy! i can't even explain how much i love you, you make our little family so complete and bring so much joy and happiness we never even realized we were missing till we had you. so thank you, miss milly. your dad and i love you to pieces. lets hang out!
^ milly's life according to our instagram accounts // @wpmack @joeymack884

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


my days are starting to get busier...more like my nights. i was recently asked to be an assistant back stage manager for a production that our church puts on with about 250 youth. my schedule has filled up for the next couple of months and it's exciting to be a part of something like this. i'm so glad i was asked, it allows me to get back in touch with my theatre roots :) 

on that note, we managed to have a pretty eventful weekend. i had meetings both saturday and sunday for the play, the sounders beat supporting kansas city 1-0 in stoppage time and we managed to sneak a trip to chipotle in. if you were wearing sounders gear saturday, it was buy one get one! who can say no to a free burrito? this family can't!

there's also some big things happening in the very near future, too near, if you ask me! a week from today (today) milly will be one. we're finalizing our plans for that day and getting stuff ready so we can have a fun filled adventure with our little miss. i can't believe she's gonna be one! that was the fastest year of my life!
^ new favorite picture

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

galaxy face art...

i took this dyi from abeautifulmess.com and created my own galaxy face art, what d'ya think?
now i just need to do one for milly and joey :)
*note: instead of actually cutting and pasting photos, etc. i used photoshop to create the entire piece.

Monday, March 3, 2014

15k for chocolate...

 ^ waiting at the start line \\ getting kinda nervous \\ questioning what i'm about to do...
(photo stolen from ashley's instagram: ashleydj13)
^finish line!!! hugs afterward...i was kinda emotional
 ^ wiping away tears, trying to gain composure before pictures...
i know this picture is blurry but it means a lot to me, a lot has changed in the last year and i'm so grateful for the friends and family who have supported me through these changes. 
i just feel like the blurriness adds to the emotions and feelings portrayed in this picture and i love it.
 ^ victory!!! let me tell you, after running 9.3 miles...this was the best tasting chocolate i've ever had and the hot chocolate was even more amazing! it would be interesting to see if the chocolate was really that good or if we were just so hungry and tired we didn't care...
 ^ joey and milly taking seflies while waiting at the finish line, she was sooo tired...
 ^ chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!!
 ^ 15k's make some people soooo tired, she crashed as soon as she was strapped in the car seat.
 ^ nothing like a greasy burger, fries and chicken nuggets after a run. 
and then of course i took two naps that afternoon thanks to joey bringing our mattress out to the living room and letting me crash. sunday was a good day!

so here's the back story of this race.... this race was so much more than just running 9 plus miles. like i said earlier, a lot has changed for me in the last year. the two biggest changes: having milly and getting my health back on track and maintaining a healthier lifestyle...and yes i realize there's a giant picture of a burger right above this paragraph but everything in moderation, right? right! anyways, i digress! as i started this race, i proclaimed to no one and everyone that this was "for you miss milly, so here we go!" when i crossed the finish line and saw joey and milly waiting for us and cheering us on, the tears just burst out of my eyes! it's so hard to explain how symbolic this race was and explain how it really felt crossing that line. 

a year ago, when i first heard about this race (thanks to ashley) i told joey i wanted to run it. i'm sure he was thinking "ya, right! you? the girl that complains about her weight and then eats everything she can and gets hamburgers and then hides the wrappers and wonders when she's gonna get her next coke fix (pre-pregnancy of course)...." maybe he wasn't thinking all that but maybe he was and he had every right too. that's what i did for the first seven years of our marriage, so what was gonna change now. as you may already know, milly was what changed. (read this post for more on that story) so seeing my little girl and my proud husband as i crossed the finish line, it made me so emotional and helped me realize how far i've come. thanks for all the love and support, husband, you are my best friend, a wonderful husband and an amazing father. i also have to do a huge shout out to ashley for also being a huge support and running with me. i can't thank her enough, she was such a good example and inspiration to get me started and is such an amazing running partner. so thank you, ashley!

so now my first 15k is behind me! a goal that was a year in the making - i can cross it off my list! feels pretty dang good. now i need to figure out what i'm gonna run next, i'm thinking something with mud...