Friday, April 25, 2014

water baby

awhile back, we had some really warm weather, like crazy warm weather. so when we went on our early evening family walk through the town center, we (i) decided milly should experience her first fountian/splashpad....

^ here she is, being cautious, checking it out...
^... and then "oh hey, a friend"
^ and then she was kinda like "puhhh-leeeease"
 (i can't get over that face!!!)
^ "let me show you how to do this!"
 ^ and then she got crazy into it. 
the water was a bit cold and i made sure we had extra blankets and jackets before i let her go totally crazy so she wouldn't freeze on the way home. 
i would say this little girls a water baby and it makes me so excited for hot summer days!

the last of our family left tuesday and i have sooo so many pictures from their visit and the holiday weekend. 
so look forward to more posts in the next couple days, including our trip to the tulip fields and how we spent our easter weekend with family!

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