Wednesday, April 30, 2014

21 days without sugar!

after easter and after all our family had left, when we had our place back to ourselves i wanted to do a 21 day sugar cleanse and joey was totally on board. him being the competitive one, he thought there should be some sort of prize if we could actually make it 21 days and we added running to the challenge. we're using the word 'cleanse' very loosely here! we haven't cut out all sugar, we still eat fruits and have lemonade on occasion but we have cut out the obvious sweets and processed sugar. we were letting way too much sugar in the door and i hated that i wasn't being as strict with myself with what i indulged in. we would get the worst cravings after dinner and just eat whatever was in the house, make brownies, have ice cream splits and sundaes. it was getting pretty bad! se we decided to cut out all the candy and cookies, ice cream and chocolate. today we are on day eight and i'm still having cravings! i'm proud that i've been able to say no for the past eight days, which i know isn't a very long and i'm hoping this 'cleanse' will help me stay focused about eating healthy. we're both hoping to be a little choosier about the sweets we do have, to indulge only when it's really worth it and not because a twix or snickers sounds really good at the moment and is laying around the house. ;)

the official 'rules' of the cleanse are as follow: no sweets (candy, baked good, ice cream, soda, donuts, etc.) and we each have to run a total of 14 miles that we've split up over the 21 days. if one of us doesn't run their miles the other person will get a cash prize to spend as selfishly as they want. if we both succeed and don't eat sugar and run our miles, we'll treat ourselves out to dinner, somewhere chipotle, haha!

*the picture above is from milly's brithday...i thought it appropriate for this post :)

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