Saturday, April 12, 2014

i know, i know...

...i haven't been the best at updating the blog recently and i apologize to all two of you?! haha! ;) i can't really say it's because "life's gotten so busy" or "i have so much on my plate right now" but i can say it's partly due to laziness but mostly due to nothings going on.... the days are just barely starting to get warm and i'm loving the fact that the sun stays up past five. we don't have a lot planned for this summer but we do want to get a camping trip in there somewhere (we say that every year and have yet to go) as well as a trip on the oregon coast. thanks to my very good friend ashley posting her adventures this week on facebook and instagram, oregon looks too good to pass up and i don't think i've ever been, so might as well make a trip out of it... plus i really want to see milly on a beach, playing/eating the sand with her chunky little thighs and probably the cutest bathing suit and sun hat i can find for her! in the meantime we have company for the next week and a half, so i'll be sure to have lots of things to post in the near future. justin and his girlfriend are visiting from idaho and my family will be here for easter! exciting stuff, i think we're actually gonna head out and go eat some yummy food while being tourists in our own town! ie: get some paseos and pictures by the troll! gotta love seattle! below are some pictures from our life lately; something to hold you over till next time!
 ^ momma/daughter selfies!!!
^ on the left: she does this when she eats...don't have any idea what she's doing.
right: on a walk with dad, putting flowers in her hair.

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