Thursday, May 22, 2014

my everday

here are a few photos from my everyday....
pancakes for breakfast, smoothies for afternoon snacks/lunch, going through cupboards while mom cooks dinner and playing at the park. sometimes when we go running in the morning, we stop at the park to play and we have the whole place to ourselves and it's awesome.

i know i haven't been the best at blogging regularly, i'll have these spurts of motivation and blog for a week and then be gone for a week. for right now, i've decided to take a break for a couple weeks. but don't worry, i'll be back! in the next two weeks we have family visiting, a trip to montana for a root canal (eek!) and i'm using all my spare time designing posters so i can finally open up my etsy shop. the poster design/production is taking more time than i'd like, nap time just isn't long enough some days! :) so for the next two weeks i'll be keeping myself busy and hopefully at the end i'll have started posting on esty and here, regularly! until then, have an awesome two weeks and enjoy your memorial day off with the one's you love!

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  1. Milly, you really need to stop being so cute.. Also, please tell your Mom that she should continue posting on her blog because I love being able to sit at work and gawk at you. :)