Tuesday, May 13, 2014

mother's day

mother's day was so wonderful and i was completely spoiled! i came home late saturday night to a clean house and woke up the next morning to breakfast, all thanks to joey! i didn't have to lift a finger all day and then monday rolled around and i was still in this mother's day trance and i forgot i had to grocery shop and feed my family so joey made dinner for us again!

i loved mother's day but at the same time, all day i felt like i should be spoiling milly. without her, i wouldn't have this amazing opportunity to be a mom. without her, i wouldn't get to feel this amazing abundance of love everyday! without her, this holiday wouldn't be spent celebrating me! this crazy adventure called motherhood is something i get to experience everyday because of her. i'll admit, some days are better than others. sometimes i can't wait for bedtime only to put her to bed and then twenty minutes later wish we could hang out. somedays i think someone else could be doing a better job than i but then i realize no one could love this little girl more than i do. i have milly to thank for my biggest dream coming true! love you little miss!

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