Tuesday, March 11, 2014


my days are starting to get busier...more like my nights. i was recently asked to be an assistant back stage manager for a production that our church puts on with about 250 youth. my schedule has filled up for the next couple of months and it's exciting to be a part of something like this. i'm so glad i was asked, it allows me to get back in touch with my theatre roots :) 

on that note, we managed to have a pretty eventful weekend. i had meetings both saturday and sunday for the play, the sounders beat supporting kansas city 1-0 in stoppage time and we managed to sneak a trip to chipotle in. if you were wearing sounders gear saturday, it was buy one get one! who can say no to a free burrito? this family can't!

there's also some big things happening in the very near future, too near, if you ask me! a week from today (today) milly will be one. we're finalizing our plans for that day and getting stuff ready so we can have a fun filled adventure with our little miss. i can't believe she's gonna be one! that was the fastest year of my life!
^ new favorite picture

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