Tuesday, March 18, 2014

happy birthday milly!


you turned one today! i can't believe how fast this last year has gone by! i've loved every minute of it, even the exhausting ones ;) i feel so blessed to be able to call you mine, what a joy you are in my life. i don't remember what life was like before you. you are my perfect little girl, such a big personality in that little body of yours. i love your cheesy little smiles and watching you as you figure stuff out for yourself, learning every day. i can't believe how big you've gotten in the last year, if time could slow down, even just a little bit, i would really appreciate it. i can't get enough of you and as i type this i'm getting so excited to wake up in the morning and hang out with you. thanks for being my little buddy! i can't even explain how much i love you, you make our little family so complete and bring so much joy and happiness we never even realized we were missing till we had you. so thank you, miss milly. your dad and i love you to pieces. lets hang out!
^ milly's life according to our instagram accounts // @wpmack @joeymack884

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