Tuesday, February 11, 2014

the library, family time and snow, oh my!

this last weekend was so cold! we became desperate on saturday and went to the closest mall to roam around and kill some time. lucky for us, there was some sort of chinese new year celebration that held our attention all of 7 minutes and then we roamed some stores. after the mall we headed over to chipotle (for the second time in one week) for lunch before heading back home. it was good getting out of the house, even if we were hanging out at the mall. why does it have to be sooo cold? living in southern california always sounds really nice to us this time of year.... sure enough, the cold brought the snow on sunday. you'd think growing up in montana i'd miss the snow, which i kinda do and then we have it for a day and i'm like "yup, that was enough, thanks!" and that's about how long we get it for, one day.

^ on friday, joey worked from home so he came with us on our weekly library trip to pick up books and roam around. i love these pictures! we timed them perfectly without even planning it, we are awesome!

^ milly doesn't know what to think...
 ^ disney store - joey always promise to buy her whatever she wants, all she has to do is grab something and it's hers! she ends up picking out nothing, nothing! she needs to take advantage of this!
^ chipotle for the second time in one week....
 ^ just the right amount of snow!
 ^ naps... i decided i don't have enough pictures of milly sleeping so i started taking my phone in there during nap time... so precious, she's getting so big!

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