Tuesday, February 25, 2014

holy moly! valentines day!

well, i didn't originally plan to take a week (and then some) off from blogging....
but what can ya do?! so... valentine's day: joey was going to work from home on friday so milly and i decided to surprise him at work the day before with treats for him and his co-workers. milly and i, however, got the better surprise when joey left work early with us after delivering the goodies. it was a good way to start the holiday weekend! we ate cookies, had pink pancakes, gave lots of loves to each other and, of course, had lunch at chipotle.... we have an addiction.... just talking about it makes me want to go get some, right now!

^ valentine's day treats...
 ^ waiting for joey at amazon....
 ^ pink pancakes and whipped cream!!! 
i like the last picture because it's like she just realized i cut her pancakes and she's like "what the crap, mom?!"
 ^ two days after valentine's day in 2006 joey popped the big question, so this month is extra special to me/us. 
best thing he's ever done if ya ask me... ;)

*joey and i were able to have our own little date night, saturday night. thanks to ashley, for babysitting! 
it was nice having some adult conversation over a nice dinner out and some fro-yo!

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