Wednesday, February 5, 2014

some days...

some days aren't as good as others...some days i don't feel like the best mom, i don't feel like i'm doing this whole mom thing right. today was one of those days. it was tough, to say the least. milly was cranky and there was absolutely nothing i could do. i was frustrated, which made me cranky, which also made me cry. we were quite the sight, both crying, just staring at each other, trying to figure out what to do... after an hour and a half of screaming, crying, throwing things and then finally being nursed for the third time, she fell asleep. she napped while i took my own 'time out' and read; tried to relax a bit and tell myself that it's all going to be ok. when she woke up, we were both in better places and we made our peace by sharing a churro at costco... that little treat made us feel a whole lot better (i actually can't speak for her but i'm just gonna assume she was feeling better and liked me again since she ate half the thing). i look at these pictures from costco earlier today and it's hard to stay frustrated for very long. she makes me want to be a better mom everyday.
oh miss milly, i really hope i'm not failing you! love you, little one!
^ all smiles right before dinner, tomorrow will be better.


  1. Glad I'm not the only one. Hard to be mad at a baby, but I'll admit it happens. Seriously though, let's put something on the calendar to get together. I can come to you. You can come to me. Or both!

    1. you still on maternity leave? lets get together!!! let me know when you have some free time!