Monday, February 3, 2014

happy monday!!!

hope everyone had an amazing weekend! we sure did, couldn't get any better when the seahawks destroyed, literally destroyed, the broncos yesterday! am i right or am i right?! weeeeee!!! (and yes, i will admit, i don't own any seahawks gear and am a total bandwagon least i can admit it, right?)

anyways, it's already february, the month of love! we're already into the second month of the year and it's going by so fast! i think i've been doing ok with my goals for the year. it's funny, as the days go by i keep thinking of other aspects of my life i want to improve this year and then at the same time i'm like "whoooa whitney, slow down there girl!" (kinda like how you would talk to a horse..what?) i don't want to get overwhelmed and i do want to stay on top of things, sooooo we'll see how things go and maybe add some new goals as the year progresses. so how about it? how are everyone's new years resolutions going? milly and i have taken full advantage of the library here in redmond, which is walking distance from our apartment. i love it! it's a smaller library branch and because of that, i've had to put all the books i want to read on hold hoping they would become available in a timely manner. well....they've definitely become available...
^ i have to read all these books in about a months time. since they're on hold i can't renew them online because someone else is waiting for them to become available. i will say i've finished the jodi picolt book, it was ok but definitely not my favorite of hers. i tried to read the interestings by meg wolitzer and after about 10 pages in i just knew i wasn't going to like rubbed me the wrong way, so now i'm onto the giver. i remember being told to read it in high school and have no relocation of ever doing that and since it's gonna be a movie this year i really want to get it read before it comes out! phew! so far so good! (fyi: i'm trying to read a lot of books from this list, which are all quite popular, hence the holds.) 

as far as my book goal is concerned, i'm right on track. i {barely} finished two books in january, which is more than i was planning. the other book i read was j.k. rowlings adult novel casual vacancy...not my favorite and kinda depressing. i'm hoping to read the books above before i have to take them back to the library and if i do, i will be way ahead of my goal of a book and a half a month! 
^ milly likes the library too...

books have taken over my life but i did have some other goals, right? i did have other things i wanted to accomplish, didn't i...? of course i did!!!! because i have so many books to read, i have watched way less tv and i love how i feel less like a drone. i do have my guilty pleasure: the kardashians, that i like to watch sunday nights, haha! i will never give that up! (should i be admitting that to the world...?) next up: running. it's going slow but steady... i think that's a good way to say it. i have been watching what i eat (minus yesterday) and trying to get out more but after i go on a really good run my right knee kills me for about two days... not really sure what that's about and i'm hoping to just push through it but then i think that might be we shall see. i have a month before my 15k and i might want to get it figured out before then. also, your welcome, milly! your dad and i have crappy knees so you probably will too, along with horrible vision! ;)

lastly, i've been pinning more and more ideas on pinterest for crocheting and found a book on amazon i want to buy. i have never crotchet anything in my life so i'm pretty excited to get started but probably won't be able to until i have my four books read (remember, books have taken over my life?) i also found this!!! i want to make it soooo bad for milly so i better get really good, really fast! i only have 11 months!!!

with one month down in 2014 i'm happy with where i'm at. goals are going good! i need to remind myself that i don't have to have them all done right this instant. they're yearly goals for a reason, as in i have the whole year to complete them. ;)

speaking about them seahawks?! (was that a weird transition?) we made way to much food and then we ate way too much food with the help of my good friend ashley. milly was also a good sport and didn't try to pull down the tv too many times during the game thanks to some sensory activities and nap time! we also managed to watch part of the puppy bowl! because you can't call it super bowl sunday without watching some puppies...?
^ giggles after our victory

^ beast mode...SOLD OUT! we did, however, manage to find some and proceeded to eat them for good luck!
^ this photo was just taken at church and i love it so much so i thought i'd add it, because who doesn't like looking at photos of babies sleeping? especially when it's your own baby!? 

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  1. Precious little Milly asleep. I love it. By the way, Joey's FAVORITE book when he was little was, Dr. Seuss's "Green Eggs and Ham". I bet Milly would love that one too!