Friday, January 17, 2014

bath time

while katrina was here she captured some photos of bath time. something we do every night and sometimes it seems like such a chore when milly's fussy or tired and i'm exhausted but i'm so glad she captured this sometimes mundane task. it helps remind me to take a step back and enjoy the little things, it helps me remember that before i know it, milly won't need my help during bath time (she's already outgrown her little bathtub we put in the sink) and i need to enjoy it while she's still little. we now take baths in the 'big girl' tub and she's constantly on the go, crawling from one end to the other and up the sides, chewing on toys and exploring the faucet. i always say it: she's growing up too fast, so a big thank you to katrina for capturing my everyday with little miss milly!

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