Monday, November 11, 2013


in october we headed to atlanta for some family time and to welcome justin back home from his 2 year mission in phoenix arizona. it was a good break from everyday life and exciting to see family as well as go on our first plane ride with little miss milly (she did awesome, by the way).
 ^ meeting porter wahl, who was born exactly a week after milly
 ^ the big event! welcoming elder justin mack home!
^ from the airport we went to a hibachi grill for lunch. 
at first milly was really excited to watch the chef cook until he did a huge fire ball, flame thing...she started crying out of fear right after the last picture on the right was taken, it was so sad it was cute. 
 ^ finding turtles on walks
^ while in georgia, milly caught her first cold, which i then caught (and then jenn and justin but somehow it completely skipped over joey) so we took lots of naps to help us get better and recover from some sleepless nights.
 ^ the temple, where joey and i were sealed for time and all eternity
^ saying goodbye and goodnight.
till next time, georgia!

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