Tuesday, August 13, 2013

weekend recap

i can proudly say that i ran my first 5k this last saturday. i ran the entire thing, which is a pretty big deal considering that's the farthest i've ever ran at one time. being blasted with color and have ashley there to talk too made it go by so fast, i couldn't believe how easy it was and how amazing it felt afterward. i want to do it again, and again, and again. joey and milly were waiting for us and it felt so good to see them showing their support.
thanks again, ashley! lets do it again, and again, and again :)
after the race, i cleaned up as best i could and we headed into seattle for the amazon summer picnic. as you can see i was pretty excited about the all you can eat cotton candy. not really sure what it is about sugar air but i love it. we took extra home with us, that's how much we love it. we also stuffed our faces with cheeseburgers and loaded nachos and then took in the sights of the stadium. there were photographers set up around the stadium to take pictures. as you can see, milly wasn't too impressed...she did better with the second time around...even though she looks exhausted!

why do we look so fake in the picture above?

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  1. yeahhhh get it girl! so proud of you and so glad we got to run together :)