Thursday, August 22, 2013


someone is teething, and it's not me....
the night before last milly was having a very hard time. we've been blessed with a pretty good sleeper, she was very close to consistently sleeping through the night and then....she started teething. i don't mean the part where she drools all over, because that's been going on for months now, i mean the part where those tiny little white things will show their painful little faces any day now. she was up every hour crying in discomfort. all she wanted to do was nurse and be held. so finally at three something in the morning, after waking up every hour with her and nursing her back to sleep, every hour, i gave in and slept in the daybed with her. boob out and all, she could have all she wanted. i'm sure we were quit the site but guess what, we got some sleep! and in the morning, when she'd get fussy from being tired and sore, we'd do the same thing. we napped a lot the next day and the only way she was comfy was if she was nursing. that's the only way she could get some sleep, so there we were, laying in bed, nursing and cuddling. there's something so beautiful about breastfeeding; something beautiful and magical. it was the only thing that brought her comfort and i'm so grateful and feel so blessed i could provide that to her, my body continues to amaze me. when we felt a little better we headed to target to find some relief in the form of orajel, she already has a sophie {the number one teething toy in the world), but sometimes the thing she likes to chew on the most is my chin, see below! the following night was better, which brings us to today. she was my happy little baby again but towards bedtime i could tell she was in pain so we busted out the big guns and gave her some children's ibuprofen. i hate giving her medicine, she cries and doesn't understand and it makes her gag which scares the hell out of me. i hate it so much i start crying because she's crying and there's no way i can make her understand that i'm only trying to help her... and then we're both just a hot mess. she's sleeping now and she was actually pretty happy right before she fell asleep. sleep tight little miss and i'll miss you till the morning!


  1. Rough, rough, rough! Keep your chin up - ha! Chin!

  2. Enjoy these moments. Both the good and the bad. I am so glad you are able to stay home with little Milly. I know she is glad to have you there.

  3. I've been there done that!! Sleeping with the boob out and baby attached!! Teething is the worse!! Try squirting the ibruprofen in the back of her cheek. Also ice cubes in a wash cloth or a cold wash cloth is good to chew on! Also hylands teething tablets they are all natural and melt in their mouths it can help too!